FEMA Camps: No Way Out


The initial idea of FEMA camps was that these camps may be used to detain dissenting US citizens after the consolidation of the North American Union in preparation for the establishment of a one-world government (New world order).

It is quite a terrific feeling, when you see all those plastic coffins which might be prepared for burning people or bodies storage. It’s certainly not a coincidence, that the camps were built by the railways and wagons. There are many reports of FEMA camps which were built in remote and deserted areas.  And why is the fence turned inside and surrounded by barbed wire? As we know, the typical fence is usualy installed outwards to protect the building from the outside surroundings. Barbed wire on the inside indicates that there is no way out of the FEMA Camp. It is a prision, literally.

As you see, there are too much evidence to deny reality.


It fits perfectly …

There are a lot of simple questions, what they will do and why? When they will do it? And where will they take those wagons? Is it all about reducing the population?

FEMA concentration camps exist in the mind of conspiracy theorysts who believe that mass entirnament facilitys have been built across the continental United States by the Federal emergancy management agency (FEMA), in preparation for a future declaration of martial law. FEMA, is the shadow government which will run the show after the puppet government dissolves through a series of executive orders issued by the President.

kolaž fma

I would like to mention that it’s not a fiction that FEMA camps are kind of a mystery.  Here is also a report of observers of camp in Palmdale, California. They observed white vans patrolling the area and one came out and greeted them with a friendly wave and followed them until they had driven safely beyond the area. What would have happened if they decided to enter the open gate or ask questions? There are also signs posted every 50 feet stating: “State of California Trespassing Loitering. Forbidden By Law Section 555 California Penal Code.” Those camps could easily fit 100,000 people in this area. So what are they planning for this facility?

zemleMap of FEMA concentration camps in USA

Once a major disaster occurs Martial Law is hurriedly put in a place and we are all in the hands of the government agencies (FEMA) who thus portray themselves as our protectors. Yet what happens when we question those in authority and how they are taking away all of our freedoms? Will we be the ones detained in these camp sites? And who are they going to round up? Those with guns? Those who ask questions? Those that want to know what’s really going on?

Just keep an eye on it.

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