Power of Thoughts: Mystery of Water


Water is truly a mystery. It is colorless, without taste and odour. So, at first sight not obvious, but there are many hidden things in water. Have you ever asked yourself if energy and thoughts have something in common with water?

I will reveal some interesting things but before that I would like to expose some words about our thoughts and energy. Most of you believe that positive thoughts bring positive experiences. I certainly believe at law of attraction and I agree that what you put into the universe with thoughts, words and energy, it’s also given back. With a specific thoughts and energy we attract specific events and people in your life. Believe is very strong word, because what we truly believe will happen (But don’t get me wrong, if we want to get a job for example and we won’t do nothing about, then of course we won’t get it). Thoughts are very strong and are the same or stronger with words. It’s certainly not a coincidence that it has been said many times: Think three times before you speak.

But my purpose is not to talk about it because most of you already know that. I have a different purpose. For that reason I would like to reveal how negative or positive energy effects on water molecules.  The great example is analysis of dr. Masaru Emoto; dr. of alternative medicine. He analyzed the external stimuli on the molecular structure of water, specifically on structural formation of ice crystals. The results are stunning!

First of all, he wrote some positive and negative words on papers, like »Thank you«,  »Love«, »You make me sick, I will kill you« and so on. Then he placed the papers under water samples. And what happened really proves a lot. Samples which had been exposed to the positive words formed lovely crystals, like snowflakes. But samples that had been exposed to the negative words didn’t form crystals at all.


Interesting, isn’t it?

Second experiment was music. That experiment was based on comparison of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony and the “heavy metal” music. As we see, Beethoven’s classical music caused beautiful formation of ice crystals, also like snowflakes. But »heavy metal« music didn’t form anything but dirty water. Surprisingly, isn’t it? It was also shown that classical music has a beneficial effect on plant growth, and that rock music hinders plant growth.

So if this is so, what negative energy, thoughts and words can cause us if our body is composed at least of 60% of water??!


It is difficult to be always optimistic, but this is a good motivation to manage our emotions, thoughts and words. Have you ever experienced something that you didn’t  want? You said to yourself »This mustn’t happen« and »click« exactly that happened?  It is very important how we create our thoughts and words, so you should pay attention. If you are against something you shouldn’t say »I am against …«. You should think in a positive way »I am for something«. There are some groups against war, against government, against experiments on animals, … But you must know, this is wrong. We are a large group of people who are »against« these things. For example at protests are also large groups of people who are against something and they are holding posters »against«, so are you aware how much negative energy is that? We should turn the words. I am »for peace« not against war, I am for well handling with animals, not against cruelty etc. We must think about what we want, not what we don’t want, notice the difference? So we should focus on positive, this is my philosophy. Positive thoughts are much stronger than negative. Don’t be a slave of your own mind. Positive mind leads to success. So, that was just the example. But be careful in every situation how you pick your words. You can do it! 😉

Nowadays is very difficult to be positive because of all problems we face with. Unemployment, the capitalistic system, limiting, authority, brainwashing, injustice, bad food and illnesses. All these are problems we shouldn’t expose, we should find the solution. Be strong and find something that will encourage positive thinking, we should strive to develop spirituality and pure consciousness. Put your energy into something positive. So we mustn’t focus on problems, we must always seek the solutions!


Be careful how you think and how you create your words before they become a reality. Remember the law of attraction and the mysteries of water … »You are water.« And once again: Free your mind. Focus on positive and seek the solutions. 😉

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